Interview // GFY Vintage

"There's a moment in your life when you realize that you want not to dream but to live your dreams. Our passion was always to sharpen the knife of reality. To express ourselves in all ways we can and create new when we're running out of the old ones. One of them is through the style we have. We love creating outfits through which we speak to others. So we decided to spread our passion and the style we're crazy about."

We speak to the girls from GFY Vintage; Yana, Lisa, Yekatrina about life, loves & Inspiration!


What are your life essentials--What do you carry with you at all times?

My passport, phone and power bank because I never know where I will end up by the end of the day.

Who was your most previous text/call to and what about?

"I was speaking to my mother about the revolution in Belarus and dictatorships." 

Last meal you would eat?

Steak medium rare and my mother's cabbage pie. I would like to combine the best one and the most emotional meal I've ever had.

Most influential person in your life?

Princess Diana.

Tried and true methods against creative block?

Meditation (regardless in what form) . I do some breathing practices or go for a walk at Tempelhof, clearing out my mind. Cleaning apartment. 

What are some inspirational things, designs, artists, music, sites that you find yourself re-visiting often?

Berlin Kreuzberg/Neukölln.I get inspired by its atmosphere like people, building, sounds. It helps me to open up my creative energy and just go for it.

I adore Vivienne Westwood, everything she does from the very beginning. 


"ROTKAPCHEN TROCKEN auf eis, bitte."

Favorite cities? Why? 

100% Berlin the one and only. I absolutely adore it, it was my biggest goal to move here from Minsk, Belarus. My grandparents used to lived DDR, they always told me stories about East Berlin and TV tower, so that is how Berlin was always in my heart since I can remember myself. 

Favorite drinks?

ROTKAPCHEN TROKEN auf eis, bitte.


Likes: Sleeping more than 10 hours, gay parties, doggos

Dislikes: Shopping malls, dictatorship, superficial people


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