Australian born, Berlin based designer Millicent Nobis studied fashion design in Sydney, Australia before moving to Berlin where her label Mies Nobis was founded in 2012

Each collection reflects a fascination with the human form and its adornment as well as an experimentation with varying materials.

Left and Right: Bahar Gözmener, Middle: Meriaam Mikhail


1. What are your life essentials--What do you carry with you at all time?

Keys; home and AA-Collected, iphone, Mont Blanc coin purse; no cards, because i lose them and you can survive in Berlin with just cash, lipgloss; blistex lightly colored.

2. Who was your most recent text/call to and what about?

My most recent call was with the delivery company organizing shipping to our upcoming pop-up event in Vienna, and my last whatsapp was from a friend asking when her wedding ring would be ready and last fb msg from a designer wanting some press contacts.

3. Last meal you would eat?

Veggie Pho from Nam Long across the street, I am a little bit addicted, I eat it at least once a week.

4. Most influential person in your life?

My parents are very influential, they had me really young and in a way, I feel like I have watched them grow up and learn to know themselves better. Both have personality traits I identify with; my mum is social and caring but a bit of a worrier, my Dad is creative and an extreme hard worker but prone to moodiness, they influence how I’ve learned to manage myself.

5. Any tried and true methods against creative block?

Mostly if something isn’t working, the best thing is to take a break and come back to it. Unfortunately you can’t force creative work, but you can learn to get back in the headspace by taking a moment to breathe, going for a run, or observing something inspiring like another form of art.  



Pictures Left and Right: Lucas Christiansen, Middle: Cloudherd


6. What are some inspirational things, designs, artists, music, sites that you find yourself re-visiting often?

I really like Richard Sera as an artist & sculpture, and Karl Fritsch as a jeweller, I am listening to Austrian electronic duo HVOB at the moment.

7. If you could have 3 people over for dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite?

I have found real life meetings with people I idolise to be disappointing in the past, but if I had to choose, Young Mick Jagger for beauty, Frida Kahlo because she was interesting, and Rowan Atkinson for laughs.

7. Favorite cities? Why?

Berlin, because that’s where I’m at at the moment, but I do love Melbourne if i went back to Australia. It’s less pretentious and more of an arty city than Sydney. Athens as well, I love Greece and its proximity to the islands and it’s got a great energy, a bit early Berlin.

9. Favorite drinks?

I have many, but the Martini at 69 Colebrooke Row in London made an impression.

10. Likes/dislikes? 

Likes: studio days, messy hair, sunshine, running, smoked salmon.

Dislikes: insomnia, plain cream, people that talk over you.



Credit Lucas Christiansen


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