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Photography by Alan Bayer, Styling by Maya Chan and Production by AA-

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Sarah Bzoch

Sarah Bzoch is an international freelance hair and makeup artist, based in Vienna. Represented by Stella Models and Talents Agency Vienna as well as Izaio Model Management in Berlin as a model and makeup artist. Sarah has experience in the fashion, beauty, advertising, editorial, wedding, television, film, and music industries. Flawless skin, perfect blending and creative twist can be seen in her portfolio. Sarah constantly strives for perfection and this reflects in her work, which has been published in magazines such as Vogue Italia, Kaltblut Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Haute Punch Magazine, Veneno Magazine and many more. Eager for knowledge and self development, Sarah is continually attending masterclasses and workshops within this industry leading makeup and hair artists to improve her skills

Featuring : Mies NobisLassy FairMISASSEMBLEDNehera



Jean-Luc is a self-taught German artist living in Vienna. Jean-Luc‘s art is a colorful reaction to his environment. Balancing his studies in business law, a career in music and art, he has a unique view on the world. His influences come from global socio-political topics, highest auctioned artists and American Hip-Hop and Pop culture. Starting his art career only about a year ago, Jean-Luc has already celebrated major successes in the art-world: selling numerous paintings with rising prices, exhibiting a prestigious art-festival in Salzburg, Austria (after painting for three months), interviewing on national TV, and winning the crowd favorite High Art award 2019 in California, USA (from 4000+ submitted artworks out of 129 countries). Easy to say Jean-Luc is a rising star in the art-scene.

Featuring : Neon Zinn / Mies Nobis


Virginia Lui

Virginia Lui is an artist, social-designer and researcher based in Vienna. She holds an MA in Social Design and a BA in Architecture. Lui’s works pivots between design - mostly for social innovation - public art and theory. She works in site-based performance, text, photography and drawing with the emphasis on artistic research. Much of her work can be categorized as socially-engaged art. 

Featuring : Alison Brown  / Karin Furst / Nehera / Gena Tudor


Samira Dezaki

Having started listening to Tech N9ne at the age of thirteen, what Samira Dezaki values most in her music is technique. You won't be able to keep up with her back-to-back rhyming, double-and triple time flows, complex well-thought-out rhyme schemes, and on-point aggressive delivery. Don't let her "upcoming rapper" status fool you. No matter how cloudy last night's memory gets the next day, you'll remember Samira Dezaki. She accurately describes her performance in her lyric, ''In my shows you get hyped - It's less clothes, and more rhymes".Not only does she aim to create killer flows, Samira Dezaki is also an exotic pole dancer, lowkey contortionist and starts twerking every chance she gets.

Featuring : ELIRD  /  La Lica  / STUDIO MËGĀDEŠK


Alicia Kerryn Young

Alicia also known as Young Alice, is a South African born illustrator, designer (web/art direction) and artist. However, her real love and passion lies in her painting! When she paints she aims to create without focusing on the “how” of doing art. She indulges in moments free from complexities and societal expectations. Most of what Young Alice paints comes from a spark during a conversation or is simply serendipity. She spends her time expanding her zoo and as she does so, she encounters conventions that she reimagines along the way - by playing with slight abstractions of colour, form and geometry - taking the idea of a zoo and creating her own interpretation. By doing so Young Alice reflects on what art means to her, it is simple and extraordinarily uncomplicated. These simple depictions are seen through each piece as a different animal in her “Zoo”. It is with a graphic, simple intention she aims to fully reveal what makes her the happiest. And perhaps the chance to paint what makes someone happy is more of what the world needs these days. 

Featuring : Susanne Hammer / Marcel Ostertag / FAINA / Aloha Gaia


Ayman is a contemporary craftsman and designer specializing in leather goods. Under the label 'Lerif Designs', he produces hand-constructed minimalist leather goods from his atelier and showroom in Vienna. Being manifestations of craftsmanship and celebrations of material, the items he creates communicate values of durability, honesty and integrity of process.
Featuring : Neon Zinn / Claudia Steiner  / Mies Nobis  / Combinege  / FIN


Ellend was born in the early 80's in Lower Austria but moved to Vienna at the age of five where he then grew up. He mostly works with glass and light, creating illuminated and fragile pictures and objects.

Featuring : Daixa Somed  / Nehera


Nicolas Jerry

Legend Jerry is an ex-banker, Bostonian but Austria based turned software engineer / developer, underground hip-hop artist, lyricist & writer.

Featuring : Adriana Almeida Meza / FIN / Iro Kaskani


  The borderline between fiction and reality blurs in the picturesque works of Hana Kuchlerova. Garments, boxes, chocolate bars, found objects, as well as carefully arranged doll furniture, are elevated to a pictorial object and reproduced in front of a color-reduced background, which is graduated in a few nuances and which elevates the representation into fictionality and timelessness. The artist herself says about her approach: I try to activate familiar and therefore overlooked things in their alien appearance. In her works, Hana Kuchlerova plays with subjects and shadows of the subjects and above all wants to enhance the appearance of the pictorial objects in a picturesque way. Irregularities are deliberately set, because it is not about the exact representation of reality, but about showing their own reality.
Featuring: Daixa Somed / Mies Nobis / Nehera