Adi Benjo

 ADI BENJO is a womenswear label Inspired by the aesthetic of contemporary minimalism, with a focus on functionality, fabric, fit and colour. 
Adi Benjo's designs are for the modern woman with the aim to elevate her wardrobe essentials with clean sportive basics and high end pieces, which provide comfort and a relaxed elegance.
Geometric shapes and clean lines define a linear and mlnimalistic style. The cuts in the collection examine the space between the body and the garment; combined with sportive elements, striving to maintain a sense of ease and functionality required for lifestyle today.
The colour palette is combined from basic monochromatic tones and strong colourful pieces. The materials and textures in the collection are carefully chosen to mimic the packaging concept; sleek high quality neoprene, crepe and nylon, Black flex material prints on rough cut hand made details. Accented with black line prints that emphasize the shapes of the couture. 

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