Aloha Gaia

Inner strength, uncontrollable powers of nature and the freedom of discovery inspire us to create Aloha Gaia jewelry. Each jewelry piece is unique and created by our craftsmen starting from not just graceful lines and beauty of the ornament. We carefully study ancient cultures and places of power to create not only a final detail. But to create a piece of jewelry that will become your precious talisman.

We strive to achieve it not because of the stones and faceting. But because of the ideas that are put at the origin of the jewelry. 

"Aloha" is one of the main Hawaiian words. It simultaneously means both a greeting and farewell as well as wishes of peace and good. "Gaia" is the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth. The mother of the sky, sea, Titans, and Giants. The unity of these two words is innermost. Instead of a cold "Hello", we always say to you "Aloha".

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