Bolsillo is born with the aspiration of creating a perfect and versatile bag of pure and simple lines that adapts to any time of day and time of year. It is a tribute to simplicity understood as the beauty of knowing how to subtract the unnecessary.

We want our collections to be a return to natural elegance, trying to make the materials themselves an indisputable value of the brand. When designing, we start with classic lines to reinterpret a contemporary and at the same time, timeless view of the bag as an object, trying to reach all kinds of styles and ages. We love to design for those people who seek beauty in their own authenticity.

We follow our own philosophy of understanding the making of fashion from a timeless point of view, away from passing trends and outdated seasonal collections. We understand sustainability as the longevity and quality of design and materials, creating pieces that can always be worn.

Bolsillo® is made one by one with the soul of small limited collections, with detail, always from the functionality of pattern making and creating unique and recognizable models for their shapes. Each bag or backpack is meticulously sewn by hand in Spain by expert leather artisans from the Sierra de Cádiz.

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