The word’s global development is rapid and dynamic, the fashion is changing either, CINNAMON CONCEPT, taking into account the current trends and style changes, keeps their principles while making image of a woman:

la femme - a woman with a strong identity – la feminite, translated from French - femininity, which thus accepts - l´homme –a man with his natural identity - la virilite, translated from French- masculinity. On the base of this natural contrast, specially emphasizes womanhood- a woman will always be charming, elegant and delicate, so feminine woman- femme femme.

Classic of brand CINNAMON CONCEPT – it is knitwear: hats, bandeau, gloves, mitaines, socks, pullovers, vest, and other creatively transformed accessories. The brand stylists group emphasizes the strong influence of accessories for modern woman’s image - every detail, colour, texture and material selection.


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