Ebby Port

Ebby Port is an independent Dutch womenswear brand designed and produced in the Netherlands.

As a designer willing to empower women, it is important for Ebby that her customer dares to be different and feels true to herself wearing her clothes. This philosophy is reflected in Ebby's shapes, which are unfussy, comfortable and feminine, using versatile materials and vibrant colours, which give the wearer added ease and strength.

Making many items unique by adding hand-painted silkscreen prints, Ebby also approaches fashion in an artistic way, using the fabric like a canvas to express her feelings and emotions, intuitive and abstract at once.

 The collection consists of items every woman will need in everyday moments, but they are carefully finished and proportioned. Ebby’s vision is not about basics and her clothes find a space between the high-end and mass production, implying that her sustainable approach creates clothes that are meant to stay and last over the years.