HSU is an original brand created by Dorry Hsu in 2015. Dorry Hsu graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2014. Dorry’s creations are inspired by her artistic background in sculpture and 3D printing.

Based in London, she creates handcrafted innovative jewellery out of noble materials (silver, gold) to explore the relationship between the body and the sculpture. She understands jewellery as much as a visual poetic and a physical experience. 

HSU design is a reflection on the boundaries between the wearer, the aesthetic of the object, and the sculptural association of both. It is a study on the materiality of emotions, on the concretization of the invisible, on the interpretation of sensitivity. Materials, shapes and colours are articulated to elaborate objects out of abstraction, easily appropriated by the wearer. The harmony of HSU jewels relies on a refined aesthetic, an equilibrium between form and meaning, discreteness and character, sophistication and authenticity.


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