Parsley Studios

Founded in 2018 by Danai Nyandoroh, Parsley Studios is a multi-faceted creative studio based in Harare, Zimbabwe and Berlin, specialising in apparel and music.

The concept of street-wear brands is inspired by the streets and curbs of cities, Parsley however identity is sourced from the nomads, the explorers and adventurers, giving an identity for underrepresented groups in the countryside, inspired by work-wear from the region of Zimbabwe, creating simple, clean and practical cuts for the active kids that live a life of movement.

Historically people have always showed to be nomadic, it’s natural way of being, the world has such resistance to this imminent change, but, Parsley as a brand seeks to break these walls encouraging the youth, no matter where in the world, to venture outside the box, to create a more balanced and integrated vision of the future.

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