Skin Deep is a slow-fashion apparel and jewellery brand which showcases collectible pieces for the here, the now and the forever. Founded in 2015 by designer Marina Moldovan, the brand provides timeless, carefully designed, and locally produced pieces — narrating an intimate story to those who have the patience to follow.

It all started with a catchphrase. You know, those words that come to you randomly, in the most 
unexpected situations, like when you hit a furniture corner with your bare foot and just say: “Oh, shit!” — It is the intensity of the here&now condensed in this one catchphrase. Then you translate the words in a joke that catches flight as it starts to be applied to other, unrelated situations. In this way, the words become language games, constant reminders of the present moment.

So their meanings extend because they are lacking determined boundaries. They become funny, 
redundant, or even absurd.  It is only a matter of time until they will take the shape of a t-shirt, hoodie, or a silver pendant.