ANNA BUTWELL - Chaos 17 Ring

ANNA BUTWELL - Chaos 17 Ring


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Anna Butwell was born in upstate New York, USA. In 1999, she moved to Manhattan to pursue a degree in film production, and in 2004 joined IATSE Local 52 in the Property Department, where she worked on many notable television productions and films. During this time, she also began to study metalsmithing and jewelry design between film and television projects.

“My work explores a perception of beauty that is imperfect and transient - essentially Japanese Wabi Sabi - with a modern punk rock aesthetic. Ideas and patterns from the natural world, such as animal print, have been coopted in fashion for generations. I extrapolate these ideas into small-scale metalwork, creating updated pieces based on age-old techniques. All of my collections are left slightly rough, showing the imperfections of the hand of the maker.”

“Spring/Summer 2020:Chaos”: 

“Chaos” is an evolving and shifting collection born during the lockdown, with new variations and tweaks constantly being added. This collection stems from experiments in materials on hand, namely stones, chain, and salt. I began to work with casting objects in place, finding that the principles of the choose theory, primarily that a small change in a system may make it behave completely differently, was completely inherent to the work I was creating. I could put the same stones in a mould and pour the silver ten times, each time ending up with a completely different ring. All signet rings in this collection are hand cast in Delft clay from the same master set of 9 waxes of different sizes, with each ring being one of a kind even while created under seemingly identical conditions. 

“Spring/Summer2020:Chaos” is intended to both espouse the current world psyche, while also providing representation on a micro scale of the ramifications of a slight twist of the hand.

Materials / Details:

Materials: 925 Sterling silver, Sterling silver curb chain

Details: hand sand cast, curb chain cast in place, blackening patina

Size: EU Size 54