Arianaz Design - Eslimi Ribbon

jewellery // sculpture

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Type of Piece: Necklace


Dancing and moving around the neck and fading on the back, the Eslimi Ribbon resembles a modernity which has roots in culture, religion and ethnicity. However, releasing from the tights of the traditions by moving towards modernity is a concept which has been symbolized in this design as the sharp old Eslimi patterns tightened around the neck are moving to the back and finally fading on the edges of the necklace.

On the other hand, this should be emphasized that this modern design ,formed like a ribbon around the neck, owes its beauty to the Eslimi patterns which can be defined as a set of herbal / vegetation shapes and forms such as curved stems, buds, flowers that start with a base and grow around that base(Agha Sharifian Isfahani, 2014)


Silver 925