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Bego Fuente is from San Sebastian, and although she's lived abroad for some time,  now she's back in her hometown with her two kids.

“My brand cannot be fully understood without first knowing some of my background. I am a creator and a spectator. Since I was a kid I’ve been a very creative person with the ability to observe beyond what others see..patterns, textures, scratches, little details that capture my eye and quickly became my hallmark.

For me the creative process happens in a very spontaneous way, like it was part of a game inspired by my everyday life and the objects, colours and emotions I find on my way. The trigger to generate that process is to let myself go to some’s about trying out new materials, new approaches to get different results, to see what happens if…”


I made this lithography during a course with Master lithographer Don Herbert here in my hometown San Sebastián a few years back now. The drawing was done tracking photography I made in Cyprus where I lived for some time during 2006. Then it was converted into a litho. The scene represented is the morning bathroom rituals at Limassol Studios, an incredible art surrounded space where creative people met. I then decided to split the image in different sections, the same story unfolding.

The sewn parts allow you to see the thread and the memories they recall... clinging from that colourful towel or that cold water-filled basin, from the smell of figs coming through the window or from the mystery of that friendship.

Resin keeps the feelings preserved inside, the clips remind me of their evanescence..they are only ephemeral... they can be replaced.

Materials / Details:

Materials: lithography, Epoxy resin, thread, clips, cotton cord

Size: 10,5 x 10,5 x 0,8 cm