Carolina Silva - Blossom Bracelet

jewellery // sculpture

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Type of Piece: Bracelet 


Imaginary Garden is a whimsical collection that plays with reality but also gives a glimpse of an imaginary world, magical even, present right in front us but far too often, not even noticed. It´s a reminder of our core connection to nature and its effect on us, a treasure to carry around in a grey world made of rules, schedules and structure.

This collection exudes sensuality, femininity and strength, it combines different materials and techniques that together transcend into magical pieces of wearable art.

The native Chilean wood (coigue wood) is reclaimed from construction scraps, and given a new life, a new purpose as it is reborn. Now, glorious with its new life, it’s a symbol of strength, but also, a testament of fragility and the passing of life.


Coihue Wood, Silver