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Born and raised in Belgium, Claire obtained a Master's degree in jewelry art from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She has been fortunate to work in multiple famous goldsmith workshops to improve on her technical skills. She now owns a studio, showroom, and offline shop in her hometown Olmen in the province of Antwerp. She prefers to live in the countryside far away from the busy city life to stay in touch with nature together with her 2 funky cats. To grow as an artist and to acquire fame she regularly takes part in major art expositions. Her jewelry is usually preferred by people that look for something that stands out from mainstream design.

“Since childhood, I have had an eye for beauty. I remember my grandparents' house with its authentic wall paintings, beautiful antique furniture, and precious porcelain. Maybe it's an autistic side, but I always looked for the details, the flaws and found the beauty in that. I spent hours looking and looking for the balance in a composition. That's where it all started.”


Ring that grows on your finger. Such as the corn that exposes its roots after a heavy rain shower. The life that leaves prints. Erosion due to the action of wind and rain. The natural process of nature that effortlessly adapts to the circumstances. A ring made of reusable gold from a parent or grandparent in which memories live. These emotional imprints fascinate me. The natural appearance of a ring prevails.

Keywords: roots, life, erosion, effortless, process, circumstances. With my theosophical background, I try to bring meaning in a jewel that corresponds to an invisible world. A visible counterpart to this would be: fingerprint, photo, lock of hair, ashes. All these elements can be brought together in my designs.

Materials / Details:

Materials: 18 kt pink gold

Details: Twirling effect earrings. Depending on the shape of your face, the earrings can be changed from the left to the right

Size: Weight 4.1g Thickness 1.7m Diameter 2cm