Rafaella Braga - Stardust

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Born in Goiânia, Brazil, 1998. Rafaella Braga is an artist and explores painting in an intuitive and performative way, focusing on researching the body through its multiple figures as a form of self-investigation. 

She develops her ideas mostly on large scale canvases, that can take up entire walls, revealing a physically intense working method.

Her paintings are mostly composed by combinations of fabrics, texts and canvases sewn together to lengthen their size. The artist highlights the narrative aspect of her painting by proposing body constructions that expand as her work occupies the spaces available in her activations. In this case, her works function as body diaries in a dynamic of performance, writing and composition.


Acrilic, Gouache, Charcoal and Spray on Canvas

318cm x 130cm

Made in Germany.