MIA KWON - Earrings "Colliding Lights #03"


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"What happens when light rays are colliding? When they are cut or bent till they break? They transition from a plain mass of the whole to their individual pieces. Instead of plain light they explode into fragments of colours, dots that are the essence of the light itself. A simple broken or uneven piece of glass can extract the spectrum of facets and nuances of what is and could be. I took this concept of the broken fragments of light that comprise the essence of the whole and made it the theme for the “Colliding Lights” works. The same that happens to the colliding light rays is happening when my emotions and thoughts collide and sprinkle the surface of what is I, with the various colours I have to offer. The scattered colourful dots representing the essence of all the capabilities, emotions and powers I have, the basis for all the opportunities and possibilities ahead of me. The only thing I have to do is to take these elements that are all there and start to combine them in the right way."


Mont-Blanc porcelain, pigment, silver

Year of Production:



25x65x5mm (W x L x H/mm)

Made in Berlin