Terrorists of Beauty - Sample Box: Block 001-004

Terrorists of Beauty

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Four natural soaps in one

We followed your request and have launched a sample box! It contains the four soaps block 001 to 004 for hair, face and body with 50g each. This sample box is a perfect gift but also ideal if you simply want to test our assortment yourself.

block 001 gives your hair strength and volume. Coconut coal cleanses your skin deep down to the pores and reduces the oil production of your glands. 

block 002 balances and moisturizes your skin. Grape seed oil accelerates recovery and reduces irritations. 

block 003 calms and provides gentle care. Shea butter coats and protects. It sustains your skin and hair’s moisture. 

block 004 offers your skin and hair moisture and shine. Curcuma and cocoa nurture intensively, reduce frizz, and repair damage. 


Certified as natural cosmetics by ncs standard

natural block soap plastic-free vegan palm oil free handmade in germany

Soap 4x50 g