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Valeria Rossini was born in Verona and began to approach the world of contemporary handcrafted jewelry while studying fashion design at the Politecnico di Milano. She prefers minimal shapes, material, and linear. She produces each one of her pieces by hand, without ever using molds. She's currently collaborating whit concept stores, contemporary jewelry exhibitions, and art galleries in Italy, Portugal, and Romania.


"Cemento" - a dialogue between architecture photography and ornament 

Lorenzo and Valeria are brother and sister but of different age, sex, zodiacal signs, and character. She is as extrovert and volcanic as he is thoughtful and quiet.

They have both developed a special approach to shapes and an interest in the materic object: Lorenzo in the architecture, Valeria in gems. In common they have a ‘physical’ art: analog photography and jewelry making.

Without ever speaking of their respective works and performing at different times and along parallel paths, linearity and minimalism made their creations "familiar". 

The project "Cemento" combines Lorenzo's Polaroids and Valeria's jewels, which are inspired by the lines of the photographs, in an overlapping dialogue of materials and shapes.


Materials / Details:


Title: Cemento no.2

Date of production: 2019

Materials: Polaroid + Bronze, Yellow gold plating on bronze