Curated by. Exhibition Fee

Curated by. Exhibition Fee


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Key Dates
01.09 - 28.11.20 - Exhibition Dates
29.08 - Application Deadline
01.09 - Final Participants announcement
12.09 - Deadline for receiving work
16.09 - Opening Reception





With the agreement to work together and the payment of the submission fee it is understood that the depositor entrusts his/her products to the reseller in order to sell them and represent his/her brand and agrees to all terms outlined below. 

Please keep a copy of this contract to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Depositor: Exhibiting Designer

Reseller: Amelia Nobis

  1. Selling place

All products entrusted to the reseller will be sold in the showroom ‘AA-COLLECTED’ Skalizerstr 77, 10997 Berlin. VAT: 34/457/01190

The selection and management of all jewellery designers is done by "AA-Collected" managed  by Amelia Nobis.

  1. Selection of the products

The choice of exposed products designated to exhibition and sales is done via exhibition submission, the depositor agree’s to provide a printed delivery sheet listing title of piece(s), date of production, materials, dimensions and retail price.

Space provided is relative to merchandising concept for exhibition and no guarantee can be made to showcase all pieces at all times as display is relevant to merchandising concept.

  1. Duration

Products will be exposed by the reseller and intended for sale for selected period detailed in call-out. 

The Showroom will be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12am to 7pm. The reseller reserves itself the right to modify this schedule if needed.

After this period, all remaining products will be returned to the depositor.

  1. Submission of the products

The depositor agrees to ship products TO and FROM the reseller covering all shipping & insurance costs.

A submission form will be done at each deposit in two copies, giving details of all the products loaned on consignment with their recommended retail price as well as the make price for insurance purposes.

Please note the designer agrees to ship products TO and FROM the location covering all shipping, insurance & import costs.

In case of defective products, the reseller must inform the depositor within 5 days.

All products entrusted to the reseller belong exclusively to the depositor until the full payment of the customer.

All remaining products will be given back to the depositor in the same condition as received with a return form giving detail of all the returned products.

  1. Insurance

The reseller commits to take out an insurance covering risks of breaking in, theft, fire, flooding or damages. In the case of the reseller will pay the COST PRICE ONLY* of the product as listed on the delivery sheet.

*cost meaning total make price without retail mark-up.

6 Commission & Fee

The depositor and the reseller agree that the reseller will be paid for the service of presenting and selling products, by:

-a 30% commission taken on the netto amount of sales calculated at the end of the period. 

Discounts :

Discounts of up to 20% will made on the product for events & promotion or if it is believed to ‘make the sale’ and will incur the same commission breakdown on the new retail price.

  1. Invoicing and payment

The reseller sells under his name on behalf of the depositor.

The reseller will issue sales report at end of period and payouts minus commission apon submission of invoice by the depositor.

Payment will be done within 14 days invoice issue via bank transfer.

  1. Duty of the depositor / reseller

The depositor relies on the reseller about the business policy of the shop.

The depositor commits to make products with no dangerous or harmful material.

The depositor certifies that all products entrusted to the reseller are made by him/herself, and that they do not detract any property rights of someone else.


The reseller commits to promote the brand of the Depositor through the following activities:

- 1x launch event with drinks + event photography

-Receive high resolution portrait of your work as part of the event photos

- mail out about the brand to Resellers press & media contacts

- interview feature on our website

- loaning management for stylists & press 

-Selling on our online platform

The depositor commits to the following social media plan:

-fortnightly social media posts (facebook or insta) from 2 weeks prior throughout the period of exhibit.

-1 x newsletter mail out + facebook event invite to their customers & contacts prior to event

  1. Length of contract

The contract is entered for a fixed-term as outlined above from the signature of this form until the payment and return of the products.


  1. Litigation

In case of litigation about some clauses of the contract, the system of common law will be enforced.