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Duo Wonder is the Belgian label of textile designer Sofie Hermans and graphic- and jewellery designer Katja Noelmans.

Duo Wonder creates new patterns, surfaces, and shapes through a design process that combines low and high tech and that uses the mechanical (re)production techniques 3D printing and embroidering.


Inspired by the erratic lines of the Limburg cycle network and their fascination with the cyclograph and the spirograph, they create brooches and necklaces with embroidered patterns and rotations. The embroideries are put in a 3D-printed brooch or pendant. Depending on your mood you can put different textile designs in the same hanger or pendant. Duo Wonder uses recycled materials.

Materials / Details:

Materials: 3D printed hanger + loose embroidery polyamide, polyester embroidery on recycled surface, polyamide cord

Size: hanger 65 x 65 mm / total length 465 mm