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Born in Poland in 1995, growing up close to the Baltic sea and numerous forests surrounding her hometown, caused Hanna Kowalska to develop a strong affinity with polish nature. This connection has become a powerful tool that she’s still trying to channel into her art. She first became fascinated with art jewellery since taking part in a student exchange program at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Ever since then her practice has been heavily influenced by experimentation and the use of non-precious materials such as plastic, sand, and resin.


The pieces were created with the idea of researching the impact that the natural environment has on creating national heritage. The aim has been achieved by the use of a base made of sand from Baltic beaches and nesting in it elements made of a characteristic material related to Polish art - amber. The series Sandscapes encapsulates the steady and yet, always changing Polish coastline – sculpted by the sea over millions of years. Sand dune lines and patterns sculpted by the wind and changing daily. Created objects, therefore, have become small sculptures containing the multi-faceted landscapes of the Baltic seashore, transferable images of polish natural heritage.

Materials / Details:

Materials: amber, sand, 925 silver, stainless steel

Size: W 8 x D 5,5 x H 3,5 cm