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Hsing-ling Liao was born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1971.

“As a self-taught jeweller, I am a storyteller, time observer, and explorer of forms. I collect used and abandoned materials and transform them into new objects. Interaction, introspection, and evolution are key focuses. Through my practice, I seek to encourage care of the Earth, spark connections, and manifest positive energy.”

“Fading Love:

When I looked up the word “imprint”, one of the meanings caught my eyes – to fix an event or experience so firmly in the memory that it cannot be forgotten although you do not try to remember it. What experience owns that power? Love came up to me. Maybe a kind of love has faded yet it still stays somewhere at the bottom of one's heart.

Two brooches present “he” and “she”. The relationship between them has ended and memories are being erased at different speeds by them. From time to time, they look back and try to forget their times. Some were sweet while some were sour and bitter. Yet love remains at their hearts. The wrinkles, knots, lines, stains, and threads show the complex feelings they own – trying to let things go, however, the imprint of the past has remained.

Materials / Details:

Materials: hand-made paper stained with Chinese ink, cotton, thread, steel, tiny silver pad sealed within layers of paper for holding the steel pin

Size: W 9,2 x D 7,5 x H 7,4 cm (including the pin stopper)