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“What remains of us when we are gone?”

Ilaria’s works are mainly influenced by this question. Forced to meet death from a very young age, she grew up with the need to figure out how the smallest details in life are linked between each other.

In her projects Ilaria starts from real plants and insects, working on them with her very own technique, making them eternal while celebrating their life. She is also keen to use remains of ones passing, as animal bones and teeth or old photos of strangers found during garage sales.

Ilaria feels a deep connection with the element of earth and likes to use stones and crystals as final details for her creations. Every gem used has a meaning. Most of the materials used are not “precious” ones, to resemble how beautiful and close to humans, imperfections can be. Crooked gems are often used as well as non-precious metals. Every artwork is unique and cruelty-free.


Each piece coming from Ilaria De Lorenzi has its own meaning and title. Every jewel is first of all thought as a vehicle to deliver a message and a feeling to the observer, as sculptures do and as every artwork does. The only difference, in this case, is that you can wear your artwork throughout the day, and never feel lonely.

Materials / Details:

Materials: Golden silver earrings, antelope teeth, black nacre. Teeth origins: Tanzania

Size: W 1 x D 1 x H 4,3 cm