STUDIO NAHILI - Magnetic Wooden Poster Frame

STUDIO NAHILI - Magnetic Wooden Poster Frame

Studio Nahili

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Elegant & delicate frame, your favorite posters will be displayed on the wall in a minute. Place the poster on a table, the wooden parts are easily attached to both ends through inserted magnets - CLICK - and ready!

The different sizes are especially made for studio na.hili posters. Sizes are stated according portrait (upright) poster position. For example an A1 frame will fit an portrait-A1-poster (f.e. Palms) and an landscape-A2-poster (f.e. world map). Find all sizes in my shop.

Details :

vegan, black cotton string
magnets : golden details (not visible once attached of course)
a frame consists of 4 wooden pieces

delivery in a roll, price is for the poster without decoration of course
colors can vary with each monitor


210 mm x 15 mm x 7,5 mm (4 pieces)

Each poster frame is made individually and by hand, wood from regional forests, made in Dresden & Berlin.


wood to choose:

A - OAK - untreated - warm color, beautiful texture
B - maple - untreated - very bright, nearly white wood, smooth texture
C - WALNUT - waxed with natural product - in order to present its deep brown color

Sizes available: 

A4, A3, A2, A1, A0


Designed and made in Germany.