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Mai Zarkawi is a jewelry DESIGNER\ARTIST and DANCER. She graduated from the Bezel academy for art and design in 2020 and has been exhibiting her artwork in many countries since, whilst also working in the jewelry field.

“My passion started from exploring the movement of my body, traveling in space and filling the void. I grow up in the small village of Majd al-kroum, and I had an amazing childhood where I was playing in the back yard touching the soil play with it, ran barefoot with friends, I felt the materials around me with all my senses. I grow up touching materials and moving with sweat searching for the child inside me, when I started studying jewelry I was always carrying my self as a child inside of me looking and absorbing to find my identity and myself."

"Who's behind the veil?":

“My journey started trying to explore the tension, freedom, beauty, limitations, and identity that unveiled in the niqab. I see the niqab as an identity in itself, between reality and borders.

I chose face jewelry as masks because it gives the space for a person to live two roles or a double life, and this identity makes one able to determine his presence and behaviors according to his surroundings, such as the veil that allows the wearer two forms of identity: the external social identity and the true inner identity that hides behind the black fabric.

The Face Jewelry collection allows a person to choose the identity in which he wants to appear in front of the outside world so that the inner essence is not affected and he can coexist between two worlds.”

Materials / Details:

Materials: brass

Size: 36\40