GINA MELOSI - 'Quartz Pyrite' Cuff

GINA MELOSI - 'Quartz Pyrite' Cuff

Gina Melosi

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The Quartz Pyrite series was created specifically for the Curated By. exhibition, inspired by the duality of Ele x Knoops analogue/digital work. Each feature element is cast directly from a piece of natural gemstone. Prior to casting into metal, certain elements are carved out of wax or added in order to attach to chain, for example. A hallmark of the designer's work is leaving some sections 'imperfect' and oxidised from firing so that there is a contrast between highly polished and rough and raw. This adds texture to the overall result.


This collection explores rough gemstones found in Butte, Montana, an old mining town at the turn of the 20th century, and the birthplace of Gina's maternal grandmother. 

Materials / Details:

Title: 'Quartz Pyrite Cuff - Bracelet

Date of production: 2020

Materials: silver-plated/oxidised solid copper


O/S - adjustable - current opening 2.5 cm

height of feature 4.5 cm

width of feature 3.5 cm

weight 91 g