Retail Package

Retail Package


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Retail Contract AA-Collected




  1. Selling place

All products entrusted to the reseller will be sold in the showroom ”AA-Collected’ Skalitzerstrasse 77, 10997 Berlin

The whole management of "AA-Collected" is made by Millicent (Amelia) Nobis.

  1. Selection/ Display of the products

The choice of exposed products designated to sales is done together by the depositor and the reseller in a full agreement and listed on a consignment loan sheet. Recommended is 10-15 styles with 2-3 colourway or size options per style.

Space provided is relative to merchandising concept for jewellery aprox 40 to 60cm square, for clothing 1m rack.
Although no guarantee can be made to showcase all pieces at all times as display is relevant to merchandising concept.
3. Duration

Products will be exposed by the reseller and intended for sales for 3 month period.

The Showroom will be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 - 7pm, The reseller reserves itself the right to modify this schedule if needed.

After this period, all remaining products will be returned to the depositor.

  1. Submission of the products / Shipping

The depositor agrees to ship products TO and FROM the reseller covering all shipping & insurance costs.

The depositor commits to submit more products to the showroom at the end of each month, to avoid being sold out as there is limited storage space at the showroom. Each new product will be added to the submission form.

In case of defective products, the reseller must inform the depositor within 5 days.

All products entrusted to the reseller belong exclusively to the depositor until the full payment of the customer.

All remaining products will be given back to the depositor in the same condition as received with a return form giving detail of all the returned products.

Tips for international Shipping:
It is important to provide on the OUTSIDE of the package:

- A proforma invoice stating the lowest possible amounts you need insurance wise 

(incase you are charged tax you want it low but you still need it high enough that if package is lost you are compensated)

- A deliver sheet stating SAMPLES NOT FOR SALE & our EORI Number DE480643440490630

  1. Insurance

The reseller commits to take out an insurance covering risks of breaking in, theft, fire, flooding or damages. In the case of the reseller will pay the make price of the product.

6. Commission & Fee

The depositor and the reseller agree that the reseller will be paid for the service of presenting and selling products, by:

-a 30% commission taken on the netto amount of sales (after POS fees) calculated at the end of the month over 100 euro’s brutto

-a 0% commission taken on the netto amount of sales (after POS fees) calculated at the end of the month under 100 euros brutto


a 100,- Euro (netto) fixed monthly fee contribution toward the monthly rent & insurance to be paid in full for the period (3 months) prior to delivery of stock.

Discounts :

Discounts of up to 20% will made on the product for events & promotion or if it is believed to ‘make the sale’ and will incur the same commission breakdown on the new retail price.

Discounts of up to 50% will available to staff & interns wishing to purchase the product to wear in store, no commission will be taken on these sales.

  1. Invoicing and payment

The reseller sells under his name on behalf of the depositor.

The reseller will issue 3 monthly sales reports and payouts will be processed on submission of invoice minus the commission & Mwst incurred.

Payment will be done within 30 days via bank transfer.

  1. Duty of the depositor / reseller

The depositor relies on the reseller about the business policy of the shop.

The depositor commits to make products with no dangerous or harmful material.

The depositor certifies that all products entrusted to the reseller are made by him/herself, and that they do not detract any property rights of someone else.

The depositor agrees to provide the requested material in order for the reseller to perform promotional tasks:

-10 to 15 styles plus size/color ranges

-all items with swing tags in retail prices euro

-jewellery designers to provide display items and own price displays
-packaging provided also for webshop orders

-clear delivery sheet with images + prices

-Look book & Product photos of styles you will be sending  

-Press release or sentence of text about your brand 

-Interview questions and behind the scenes/creative & work process/ inspiration images

The reseller commits to promote the brand of the Depositor through the following activities, for the first 3 month period :

- 1x launch event, inclusion in group event is free, solo event incurs costs for hosting duties or can be done yourself

- inclusion in Resellers seasonal store editorial

- mail out about the brand to Resellers press & media contacts

- interview feature on our website

- loaning management for stylists & press 

After the first 3 month period these activities incur an additional fee.

  1. Length of contract

The contract is entered for a fixed-term 3 months as outlined above from the signature of this form until the payment and return of the products.

  1. Litigation

In case of litigation about some clauses of the contract, the system of common law will be enforced.