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I love making earthy, modern, edgy yet sophisticated jewelry.
I have fallen in love with ancient techniques that I now integrate into 
my jewelry. Looking back, everything I had been doing before attending the classes 
of Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry was but a quest for 
meaning. Today I can lay my cards on the table and say that I love glittery 
things and that I am fascinated by the metal’s behavior, which sometimes 
conducts itself as a liquid, and sometimes as a solid. I also love the 
way people enjoy wearing my jewels. It’s a kind of unique appreciation, 
a feeling that what you created makes sense, is worthwhile.


Freya - The Goddess of Love:


This collection explores the idea of femininity on a conceptual level.
In Nordic mythology Freya is the goddess associated with love, fertility 
and beauty. This collection aims to bring forward these feminine 
qualities which we have forgotten to appreciate in relation to the 
masculine qualities. Not being accustomed to quantifying women’s powers and gifts, they remain in the shadow and are not as appreciated as the masculine ones.
Most often the male approach to success is measurable.
But how can we quantify the gifts a woman makes: love, care for 
children, deep connection in the family, in society? How can you 
quantify the subtle ways of influencing and living a life that feels 
good instead of one that looks good?
Femininity itself is a power. Even in modern society we still get 
stricken by stereotypes trying to convince us that it is our weakness, 
when, in fact, it is our greatest gift.


Materials / Details:

Title: Hope - Ring

Date of production: February 2020

Materials: Sterling silver, black patina, selective gold plating, London blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz

Dimensions: 22mm Width, size 51/52

The collection combines ancient techniques of jewelry: granulation, reticulation, fusion – enhancing the idea of harmony. Combination of pearls and semiprecious stones with regular stones.