TYPE - Silver Drop Ring


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Minimal band ring with a curved polished inside and a brushed finish on the outside. It can be worn flat side up or down.


Solid 925 silver.

Available sizes:

Size 5 (US 5, Ci. 49.3mm, Di. 15.7mm)

Size 6 (US 6, Ci. 51.5mm, Di. 16.5mm)

Size 7 (US 7, Ci. 54.4mm, Di. 17.32mm)

Size 8 (US 8, Ci. 57, Di 18.14)

Size 9 (US 9, Ci. 59.5, Di 18.95)

Size 10 (US 10, Ci. 62.1mm, Di. 19.76)

Size 11 (US 11, Ci. 64.6mm, Di. 20.57)

All TYPE jewelry can be custom made in any size or metal.

For other sizes, metals, special requests, or questions please contact TYPE .

Please email us at info@aa-collected.com to order a special one for you.

Handcrafted in Germany.