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Urban Olive Design is an independent and experimental art project based in Berlin, Germany since 2015. Chiara Vignudelli and Giulio Giustini brought their professional and artistic experiences together for their mission to challenge conventions and bring art, architecture, and design in a unique world. Innovation and the research of forms and materials meet exacting quality standards in every handmade piece of the Urban Olive collection, who does not make jewelry but indomitable sculptures.

All the creations are handmade by Chiara and Giulio in the Urban Olive Studio in Berlin; they nurture each piece from ideation to execution. Their continuous stream of ideas and inspiration develops into new insightful and rule-breaking artworks that are regularly added to their collection.


GASOMETRO is one of the last creations for the project OLTRE. The bracelet is made of specific non-oxidizing aluminium inspired by the 30s Gasomentro edifice of Rome. Its structure gives a feeling of physical and visual lightness.

Materials / Details:

Materials: aluminium


Small: Circumference 220mm  Diameter 67mm - Weight 6 gr

Medium:  Circumference 225mm Diameter 65mm - Weight 6.5 gr

Large:  Circumference 230mm Diameter 71mm - Weight 7 gr